Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Highland games

Well, that sure was a super fun day. It was a little wet to begin with, but it slowly cleared and became a very nice day.

Daddy got me some stuff for my stroller, and for me too. Although our search for a stuffed Nessie was just as difficult as finding the real Nessie, hence we didn't find one. :( But there is still a bit of hope, there are Scottish shops here, and at least one more Celtic Festival to go before the year is over.

My two new pins
The pin for Clan Gordon
The pin for Clan Campbell
Kiwi playing my bagpipes
There was lots of grass to run around in, and eat.
One of the pipe bands warming up for the competition.
Me with my bagpipes
In the mean time daddy did get me some neat stuff, two pins for my stroller, one is for Clan Campbell, and the other is Clan Gordon (the two clans daddy has ties to). And something really fun for me, my very own set of bagpipes. Daddy had a set when he was a little boy, and thought I should have a toy bagpipe too.

We should have some video ready to post very soon, so keep watching, it really is amazing.


  1. Sunki, you need to practice really hard so that you can serenade us with your new bagpipes!! ;) And try hard not to nibble them! What a cutie!!!

  2. Your new bagpipes are so cute! Looks like you had a good day :)