Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Highland Creek Festival

Today me and daddy went to another festival, this one has a real small town feel, even though it is in the city.
We even did a good deed, you see there was a petting zoo there, with chicks, and bunnies. They also had two cows, and some goats. What we found out, much to our horror, they were selling the bunnies and chicks. Well, we went and found the people in charge, and told them. They went to investigate, and shut the petting zoo down and made them leave. And from what we've been told they won't be allowed back, we are also going to inform Rabbit Rescue about these guys.
But, back to some happy stuff, I got chance to hop about on some "holy grass", it was beside a church. And on the way home we met a nice older couple, who are CAMPBELL'S. Daddy had a nice long talk with them, while waiting for the bus to show up. And thanks to daddy's fancy phone, found out that we were at the wrong bus stop.


  1. You look very posh in your plaid, Sunki!

    And good job on your Daddy and you for telling people how its bad to sell bunnies! If you got the name of the people who were doing it, you could write them a letter and tell them why its bad too. (Some people won't listen right then and there, but will listen later.)

  2. Sunki!! Lucky thing for those "petting zoo" animals that you and your daddy were there!! What a sad fate many of those chicks and bunnies will come to~hopefully the people who run the "zoo" can be educated!!!

    Glad your daddy's super duper fancy phone alerted you guys to the fact that you were at the wrong bus stop! You could've ended up in the States!!! ;)