Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa Paws came

Wow, Santa Paws was really good to me this year. It took years but I finally have a Maple Leafs jersey in my size, I was very happy to see that because we were starting to get frustrated at not being able to find one.
Another thing Santa Paws brought me was a chew mat, daddy says that Santa Paws wants me to chew on more stuff, it'll help keep me away from the vet.
My stocking with stuff from Santa Paws in it

My Leafs jersey, now we just need a reason for me to wear it

Daddy had to bribe me to come take a picture with my new chew mat

I was more interested in grooming then playing at the time

I mean jez, daddy had just let me out, I do have my routine
Oh, and Santa Paws was good to daddy too. He got two tool kits for working on his costume and other things. One is a thing sort of like a Dremel, it can do all sorts of things. Cutting, grinding, sanding and drilling to name just a few things it can do. He also got a tool that can bigger cutting and sanding jobs that the other one can't do.
Daddy's new tools
The rotary tool, still in it's box

The tool and all the accessories it comes with.
The other tool in it's box

The tool in it's case, with all the stuff it comes with.

The carry case.
Mommy Louise sent daddy an egift card from Amazon, so daddy found a case for his cell phone (he's going to attach it to his gauntlet armor, then he can have access to his cell phone while in costume). He also got a case for his tablet. Both of those things are very hard to find accessories for in real stores here, so he's glad he found the things online. The tablet case will be here on New Years Eve day, and the one for the cell phone will get here by the middle of January.
Oh, speaking of mommy Louise. Daddy tells me that my furiends Sasha and Coco have a present for us bunnies, we've got a present for them too.

Daddy is hoping that all of us can get together to do something, hopefully New Years Eve. After all, daddy went out and bought a new dress shirt and a new vest (just so he could put his new watch in it), and I want to be able to dress up fancy too.

Daddy decorated our temporary apartment as best he could (we can't put holes in the walls), but daddy put up our Christmas tree, and decorated my pen.
Our Christmas tree, only the middle has lights

My pen, with a fancy braided ribbon.
 Oh, and one last thing. We did get my human cousins presents too, for the older one Robbie (8) we got him a Star Wars: Rebels chapter book. And the younger one Arthur (1) we got him a Star Wars alphabet book.

The book for Robbie
Daddy wrote in the front of it, Merry Christmas Robbie, May the force be with you, always.
The cover of the alphabet book.
 Look closely at the top right of the picture, and you'll see a certain bunnies nose in the picture.
A page from the book, this is what the whole book is like

Another page from the book
According to grandma both boys loved their presents, so that makes daddy very happy.

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