Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mini-ComiCON and other things

Last Sunday me, daddy and uncle Matthew went to a one day mini-ComiCON. It wasn't nearly as big as the other three we've been to, but it was still just as fun. Both me and daddy went dressed up, me in my new costume that daddy made for me. And daddy in his awesome Imperial Knights Gray Jedi costume that he's been working on since before Halloween. I think daddy is happy with the modifications he's done to it, and is now ready to do more ComiCONs in it. He's even found away to keep his head cool while wearing his helmet, the trick is he created 'pockets' at the back of the helmet, and inside he sticks little ice packs that can be switched out as needed. This should keep him cool enough that he won't need to keep taking his helmet off.
The Gray Jedi code
The I K of the Imperial Knights in Mandalorian
Daddy's helmet
Daddy's blaster
Daddy gave me a little bit of spending money so I could get Christmas presents, well I did get two. I can't tell you about the one I got for mommy Louise, cause she sometimes reads my blog, and that would spoil the surprise. I can, however, tell you about the present I got uncle Matthew, I got him a button. We'd been looking for a patch or pins, anything really, to do with Futurama. You see uncle Matthew has a new jacket that he wanted to put stuff on, so we looked, but were coming up empty. Until we found a place that did custom buttons, daddy got me one (more on that later), but I spotted one that was perfect for uncle Matthew, it was the logo from the Planet Express (the company from Futurama). To say that uncle Matthew was happy would be an understatement.

Okay now for the cool stuff that daddy got for me, and for himself. First my presents. I got a fancy bowtie to wear with my tartan vest when I have to dress up, it's Star Wars of course. I also got a new bandana to go on my harness, also Star Wars. Daddy got me a new thing to hang on my stroller, it says "Trust me, I'm a Jedi".
My new bandana
My new bowtie
Modeling my new bowtie, I'm such a handsome bunny
My new button
As for daddy he got himself a new holder for his transit pass, in Mandalorian colors with the Mando logo on one side of it. He also got himself something for those rare occasions when he dresses up nice, he got himself a new pocket watch, this one has the imperial gear symbol on the front of it.
Daddy's new pocket watch
The inside showing the face.
The back showing all the gears that make it work.

One side of daddy's transit pass holder, it has multiple pockets to put other cards
The reverse side of the pass holder, the window is where the pass goes. The holder sits in the shelf of my stroller.
Oh I almost forgot, daddy did something really cool for both mine and his costumes. He found a Mandalorian font online, and figured out how to draw the letters. What he did was put my name in Mandalorian and attached it to the front of my TIE fighter. He did the same for his name, and attached it to the shoulder armor on his costume. He even drew the Mando symbol, and painted it on to the other shoulder armor.
My name (Sunki) in Mandalorian
Daddy's name (Casper) in Mandalorian
I just looked back through the pictures and realised I didn't show me in my costume, so here's two pictures of me in my costume.
Being in costume makes me hungery
Yep, I am a Gray Jedi, and a handsome one at that.
And one last thing, today December 19th is Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars day. It is where we celebrate the diversity in the Star Wars universe, and say that it is for everyone whether they be boy or girl, Jedi or Sith etc. It started back in 2010 because of a little girl named Katie who was being bullied because she liked Star Wars, from there it blossomed into an anti-bullying campaign world wide. So today me and daddy have a special mission, the Imperial Gray Jedi Knights are going to deliver a special Star Wars toy (in costume) to a drop off location where toys are being collected. Daddy even attached a note asking that the action figure (which is Luke Skywalker), be given to a little girl for Christmas.
I'll post another blog later to tell everyone how the mission went, and some pictures, maybe.

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