Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Operation Share Star Wars

I posted on Thursday that Friday was Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars day, just a reminder about what this day means. It started in 2010 because a little girl named Katie who had been bullied because she liked Star Wars, what began as a simple blog post then has blossomed into a world wide day of charity. On the WearStarWars event page there were 896 people (and one bunny) registered to participate, by wearing Star Wars (or something Sci-Fi related) and donating a new unwrapped toy (again Star Wars or Sci-Fi related) with a note that says it can be for a boy or girl.

I can honestly say that me and daddy went all out for Katie and all the other girls that like Star Wars, we both went in full costume. Me in my TIE Fighter and Gray Jedi robes, daddy in his Mandalorian armor (neither of which is very warm).
Our mission didn't go quite to plan (but none ever do), the original plan was to drop off our toy at a televised event. Well, they weren't excepting toys there anymore, only food for the food bank. So we had to revise our plan, we were close to a major shopping center, and daddy remembered that there were two donation boxes in that mall. Another problem presented itself, where were those boxes. You would think that finding one in what is basically one long hallway would be easy, but not when there are three floors extending over two or three city blocks. Not to mention the information that the guy gave us at the "information booth" wasn't very helpful. "on the floor below, BEHIND the escalator".
I have to pause here for a second and rant, when someone refers to something being behind that should mean [in back of], for an escalator that would be opposite to where you get on and off, right? Well we looked, there wasn't a donation bin 'behind' the escalator. We were going to go back up and ask the info guy for better directions, we were waiting on the elevator to go up one floor when daddy started to consider just taking the escalator, when he glanced over there, what do you think he saw? Yep, it was the donation bin. It wasn't BEHIND the escalator, it was BESIDE it.
Okay, rant is over, back to the story. Once we had dropped off the toy in the bin BESIDE the escalator, we went up to check out the selection of Star Wars stuff in one of our two favorite Disney Stores. We also met up with one of our favorite cast members (Disney store staff are called cast members, instead of employees), remember, both me and daddy are in full costume still. The people in the store were awestruck by our costumes, we even had a request for a picture or two.

Oh, I can now reveal daddy's finished costume, at least the majorority of it. He might do little changes to it, but it should remain looking basically like this.

My Christmas greeting in Mandalorian, just because I can lol

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  1. That is a great costume Sunki,Your dad is very creative,Merry Christmas to you and your Daddy and Mummy Louise,xx Speedy and Mummy Rachel