Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bunfest bunny and human interviews Part 1

Okay so I'm still waiting on one other set of interviews, so I'll post the ones I've got.

I sat down with a bun named Paddy, and asked him some questions about Bunfest, here are his answers.
  • Is this your first Bunfest?
  • Nope it is my 2nd.  
  • Are you having fun?
  • No, because mummy's foster bunny keeps attacking me. I hope he finds a new home today at Bunfest. 
  • What do you want to see most? 
  • I want to see my pictures from Alicia Riley Bunny Glamour Shots
  • How many toys are you going to get? 
  • I want to get as many toys as my mummy can afford.
  • What kinds of treats are you going to get?
  • Hopefully Martin Mills Little Friends
  • Are you going to hangout in the Nibbles Cafe?
  • Nope if my mum doesn't want to go there I won't be going there. I go places only with my mom.
  • If you could have any toy on sale in the store, What would it be?
  • I am not a crazy toy-obsessed bunny, I more prefer the bird toy I have at home, I like to piss off my mom when she's watching TV with my papa.
  • How many bunnies in your family? What are their names? Are they boys or girls?
  • I am the one constant bunny but there seems to be two others male bunnies; Roger and Pikachu who have come to stay; they are two boys, I get along fairly well with Roger who gets the top bunk of our bunny condo castle (he doesn't pee on my head thank Heavens, like the last bunny did) and Pikachu seems like kind of a nipper so therefore, mummy is keeping me away from him until he learns to use his words...I don't know how long Roger will stay but I heard that Pikachu was staying. All I know for sure is that I'm the most special because I've been here the longest and I'm my papa's favourite.
Then I sat down with Paddy's mom, Samantha and asked her some questions about Bunfest.
  • Is this your first Bunfest?
  • Nope it's my 2nd
  • What do you think of it so far?
  • I thought it was pretty good, no drama yet and seems to be well-attended. My bunnies seemed to be a big hit.
  • Will you be back next year?
  • Of course, any friend of Rabbit Rescue and Bunfest is a friend of mine!
  • What made you come to Bunfest? or What made you come back?
  • I heard about Bunfest from a friend in the bunny community and what made me come back were the glamour shots from Alicia Riley-McCracken and the bunny merchandise and supplies.
  • Are you a Bunfest Veteran? i.e. attended more then 2
  • Not a veteran until next year.
  • How many have you attended?
  •  I have attended 2 so far; one in 2012 and I missed last year's because one of my oldest bunnies passed away a couple of days prior to it and then I am at this year's (2014)
  • What has been your favourite moment? (past or present)
  •  No specific moment but I just love getting to meet all the other bunnies and their owners.
  • Do you currently have bunnies? How many?
  •  Yes I currently have 3 bunnies, one foster, one foster fail and one forever bunny (so two forever bunnies and one whose finding a new home soon)
  • What are their names?
  •  Paddy my 3.5 almost 4 year old dwarf-Hotot, Pikachu a 5 month old Netherland Dwarf and Finn a 3 year old lionhead whose finding a new forever home today. I also have Roger a beautiful 3 year old albino Mini-Rex I also have another 
  • Do you have any (all) of them here?
  •  I brought Paddy and my foster bunny Finn to Bunfest with me today. Roger is going through a hard molt and I cannot bring him and Pikachu I am getting tomorrow.
  • Are you going to let them hangout in the Bunny Flop Lounge?
  •  No I don't have time to have them hang out at the Bunny Flop lounge
  • Are you going to get them groomed?
  •  Nope I do all their grooming myself. 
  • Are you going to get a glamour shot?
  •  Yes Glamour shots for Paddy and Finn 
  • If you do/don't have bunnies, are you/have you adopted/fostered one?
  • I hope to foster more in the future as long as my health and my pocket book allows. 
Paddy, his mommy Samantha and his daddy at Bunfest 2014

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