Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Blogger: Luke Skyhopper

My big brother Sunki was having a temper tantrum yesterday, so I got to go out with daddy on my first stroller adventure.
Daddy got me up early and we went to do a few errands, first was to sign up for a humper. Not sure why anyone would need to sign up for that, but daddy tells me it's to get extra stuff in the next few months.

The stroller was super cool, and I see why Sunki loves going out in it so much. When you're in the stroller you can eat, play with toys, and have a nap. All while traveling around to places.

Our last stop was to my favorite grocery store, but my favorite lady wasn't there, so I was a little sad about that. But I got over that real quick when daddy got me treats.
Where are we going daddy?
Just like big brother Sunki, munching away at my Food.
Can we get treats?
Daddy says my nose seems to glow in this picture.
This is really fun, but I'm ready to go home now.

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