Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My first ever sleepover

Me and daddy are staying over night at my great grand aunt's apartment, last night we got hit with a MAJOR ice storm. The power is out to over 25000 people in our city alone (our neighborhood being one of many in the city without power), daddy asked someone when power would be restored, they told him 72 hours maximum.

Not to worry about my brothers and sisters, they are all fine at home, the heat is still working, and before we left daddy filled their food and water dishes, so they should be fine for tonight. Me and daddy are going to head back there tomorrow to check on things, and see if the power is back on.

When we got here daddy let me get down on the floor and stretch my legs (explore the place), so it was fun for me. And I'm quite happy to be at her place, and very rarely do I get to explore on my own here.

Most content bunny, I'll nap anywhere.
As long as daddy is here I'm happy
 Daddy thinks there was at least an inch of ice coating pretty much everything today, and tons of tree branches down too.

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