Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Practice makes perfect

In less then two weeks we are going to be at my great grandma's birthday party, daddy's grandma, (her actual birthday isn't until November), but the whole family is coming together to celebrate on the 31st of August.

Daddy has been thinking of what he could do as a job for the party, and he's got two ideas. The first is using his craft talent to help the kids make a GIANT card for great grandma, and to make balloon animals for the kids. Daddy used to help with a "kids club" when we lived in our old apartment downtown, one of the things he taught himself was how to make balloon animals. So of course one of them he found is a balloon bunny, and he tried to do it yesterday, and just to show off a bit, here are some pictures of it.

Daddy has to do a bit more practicing to get it perfect, but I think it's really cool.

The other thing daddy is thinking of is videographer, to record the party for the whole family to have a copy of. Also he needs the practice to get ready for Bunfest next month, because we are going to be the official bloggers again this year.

But there is still time before that, this week we have Buskerfest, and Aloha Toronto to go to. Buskerfest is all about street performers (called Buskers) they close of a street and they perform right out on the street.
Aloha Toronto is a Hawaiian themed event to raise money for Autism Spectrum Disorder research (daddy has Aspergers, which is a milder form of Autism), so daddy wants to go and see if there is anything for Aspies. And it should be fun for me too, because it is being held at a beach, and I love playing in the sand (see digging).
I love to dig

One of my many bunstruction projects I did at a beach

Next month is the Beach Celtic Festival and the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Canadian Highland Regiment The Black Watch, are going to be there. Then there is an event that I've never been to called Word on the Street, daddy says that it is all about books and reading. The reason I've never been to it is because in previous years it was held the same day as Bunfest, and there was no real contest as to which event we wanted to attend. This year they are being held a week apart, so we can go to both, and daddy says that my great grand aunt is going to be coming too (did I mention she loves books and reading?)
That is just one little bit of shelf, she's got tons more books
That is my original stroller (with me inside), what you might call my baby stroller, bUNCLE Picasso has this one now.

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