Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, August 17, 2013

a very long trip

Daddy got an email from his worker telling him about an upcoming trip he could go on, some place called the Falls. I'm not sure what that is, or why we would want to see things falling.

Okay, daddy now says that the full name of the place is Niagara Falls, and it is a BIG waterfall. That makes a bit more sense, but I still don't get what is so special about it. But if daddy says it's worth going to see, but I'm not big on going places with water that might get me wet, and from what I know of waterfalls there is usually mist, which is tiny bits of water.

Daddy also tells me that some of Superman 2 was filmed in Niagara Falls, and you know me and my love of all things Superman. So maybe I'll get to pretend to be Superbun when I'm there, I'll need to get daddy to let me watch Superman 2 so I can see the scenes and practice my roll for when we go.

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  1. Wow Sunki!! This is a HUGE adventure!!! Not sure how much you'll like the loud, endless rumbling and constant moisture. Might be a little frightening even for a brave explorer like yourself. Make sure your daddy puts you in a raincoat!!