Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, August 2, 2013

A new first for us

I'm coming down off a big time high, today me and daddy got to ride in grandma's new truck, of course grandma wasn't there, grandpa was driving (it was a boys shopping trip). But we got to try my car seat in the new truck and adjust it to fit.
The outside of the truck, the back windows are tinted so we don't need to use the shade.
My car seat fits better in the new truck, and I can still see out the window

Front seat, daddy says there's lots of leg room.

Checking out my new ride

My stroller fits without having to fold it down

A wider shot of me in my car seat, daddy will have to do another fitting so he can keep an eye on me.
Daddy decided to leave the stroller in the truck when we did our grocery shopping, so I got to ride in the shopping cart.
"helping" daddy with the shopping

Holding onto our grocery money, we use a gift card so we don't have to carry cash.
I had so much fun, and as you can see I helped daddy out with MY groceries (lettuce, and parsley). The carrot tops were free. After that I lost interest in shopping and decided to snack.

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  1. Love reading all your updates Sunki! How great is it that you get to oversee your daddy's produce shopping!!! :)