Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doors Open Day 2

Yikes, only one building today, but it was a good one. Today me and daddy went to see the new Mattamy Athletic Centre, it's actually in the old Maple Leafs Gardens, which also has a grocery store in it too.

On the second floor is a gym and basketball courts, and on the third floor is a hockey arena where the Ryerson Rams play.
This is the inside of the iconic domed roof

The new ice rink

The seats

Looking down the ice from the goal line

one of the boxes

Looking out on to Carlton St from the top floor

The full arena

The "gold" row of seats in this arena used to be the very top row in the original Gardens.

The outside of the Gardens
We also took a bunch of pictures out of the windows.
Looking south from the top floor

Looking down on Carlton St

The corner of Church and Carlton

Another shot looking south
And here is a picture of the map they gave us.

The nickname for Maple Leaf Gardens is the Hockey Shrine because it was built in 1931 and was the original home of my beloved Maple Leafs.
The Gardens took 8 months to build in 1931, but took 2 years to renovate into what it is now.

These are two of the water bottles we got yesterday

In the back is a very nice notebook that we also got yesterday.


  1. I think Sunki needs her own pair of bunny ice-skates so she can glide her way through the third floor! Or, better yet!!! She could drive the Zamboni!!! Wohooo!!!

  2. Whoops, posted this on yesterday by mistake! That sounds like the busiest day. Banacek gets worn out just exploring our local park. Did you get to go on the ice? I wasn't sure from the photo down the goal line. I wish we had Doors Open.