Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A happy and sad day all in one

Today three of our family are going to new homes, Ash, and the two sisters Annabelle and Candi. Well this is sad, we are happy that we won't be kicked out of our apartment.

Yesterday me and daddy had some major fun, we went to what they call a Tailgate Party, this was to cheer on my beloved Maple Leafs as they take on the Boston Bruins in the first round of the NHL playoffs.
Most people we've talked to say that the Leafs won't make it out of the first round, I on the other hand am sure they will. I have given the Leafs some of my luck, and as history has shown if a team is lucky enough to meet me, then they win games. Take for instance the Argos last year, I met their cheerleaders, and their next game they won the Grey Cup. Yesterday I met some of the Leafs Cheerleaders, and got my picture taken with the Mascot, Carlton the Bear.
Me and daddy got our picture taken with Carton
We also got our picture taken with Borje Salming and we think the other is.... Well, we don't know who he is.

Maple Leafs Square

Heading home

Me and Carlton are best buds now

My two hockey pins, the Maple Leafs one is new.

My goal pen, so when we watch a game and our team scores I can count the goal.
I've got to go help daddy clean some cages, Nattah and Lula will be moving to new cages soon. So of course I have to supervise to make sure daddy does it right.

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  1. I'm so sorry that you are losing some of your bunny friends, but I'm happy to know that they will be going to good, loving homes and that you don't run the risk of losing your apartment. Sometimes in life we have to make painful choices, but in the end it works out for the best.
    And, I must admit, since I'm from Boston originally, I will ALWAYS root on my Bruins. I hope you won't hold that against me (or disapprove for too long) :)