Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, May 4, 2013

birthday bash for shopping mall

Scarborough Town Centre turns 40 years old, they had a party, but I wasn't thrilled with the theme 70s Disco, or the music they played 70s Disco.

But despite the bad music it was still fun, me and daddy got our pictures taken with the Grey Cup (my Argos won it last year, thanks to my luck), and one of the Argo Cheerleaders.
Me, daddy and an Argos Cheerleader.
 You'll have to wait for the picture with the Grey Cup, it needs to be scanned into the computer first.

My beloved Maple Leafs have tied their series at 1 game each, they won 4-2 tonight and we got to use my goal light. So you see, Carlton getting to meet me did help the Leafs.


  1. Sunki, you and your daddy are always having such neat adventures!

  2. Saw the picture of you, Casper and the cup over on Facebook! Though I think your dad should've put you in the cup for the picture!!! :)