Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, March 9, 2013

More room to play, but less things to play with

A few years ago when daddy got home from hospital he had a hard time keeping our house clean, and it spiraled out of control and became really messy. Well it took about 5 months, but with the help of some agencies we got our place cleaned up. Daddy is going to be talking to a couple of agencies to see if he can get help to keep our place clean, he tried to do some of the work himself, but ended up with his back and leg being really sore and ended up needing to take pain medications and sleeping for a few hours.

You would think that this would make us happy, well it hasn't been very good. The cleaners that were here didn't follow daddy's instructions, and threw away a lot of very important things. Daddy told them NOT to touch any of our stuff, but my castle, a very good toy from Bunspace, and lots of my stuffies got thrown out (some of the stuffies CAN'T be replaced they were so rare). Daddy wasn't spared from losing things either, his Play Station 1 and all of it's games got stolen by the cleaners. A table that daddy used for all kinds of things (eating, doing art, using his computer), a pair of folding stools that daddy used to sit on to feed us.

A very generous bunny from Bunspace is going to send us a replacement for the toy from the Bunspace store, they have an extra one, so I told daddy and he gave me permission to reply with our address. Luckily my really rare stuffies from the shows I've seen were safely out with me in my stroller, others though will be impossible to replace.

Daddy was told about the problems with this agency years ago, but never believed those reports, now he's wondering how this agency is allowed to continue operating given all the stuff they are allowed to get away with.

This is a video of me playing with that toy from Bunspace.


  1. Mean mean are mean. :( How could anyone throw out bunny toys? I hope those cleaners fall over in the street and hurt themselves so they need people to clean for them, then they'll know what it's like to be dependent on other people and to have to trust them, and to have that trust abused.
    Glad some of your cuddlies were safe.
    Banacek and Torrie

  2. Oh Casper and Sunki.. what a horrible experience. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, and the loss of personal (and bunsonal) belongings is just unforgivable.