Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, March 29, 2013

Got my replacement toy

Okay, so a little back story. At the beginning of the month we had some cleaners in to help daddy get things cleaned up, daddy couldn't do it because of his back injury. Daddy had told the cleaners what they could throw away and what shouldn't be touched, our bunny stuff was at the top of the list. Despite those instructions my special Bunny IQ toy from Bunspace got thrown away. I posted a blog on Bunspace to vent about that, and one of my buddies sent me a message that they had an extra one of those toys. Well, that toy arrived yesterday.

My toy came all the way from Louisiana
Making sure everything arrived
Wait a second, there's no treats, this toy is broken

Okay, now there is treats, so the toy works now.

More treats in the other section.
Daddy just reminded me that I have to thank my Bunspace buddy Lovey who sent me this wonderful toy to replace the other one. When we were out yesterday we picked up more of my favorite treats, Martin Apple Dumpling and Banana Crunch.

Now on to some fun, while daddy and I were out yesterday we found a banner to put up around the house.
Over by our cages

By my fort
We are going to leave these banners up all year, not just for Easter.

Sunday there is going to be a big parade just for me, well, for bunnies. Okay it's an Easter parade, but I can pretend to be the Easter bunny can't I? Yesterday I was an Easter Bunny assistant, a little boy told me what he wanted to have for Easter, so I told him I would pass his wish to my friend EB (Easter Bunny, from HOP).
Tomorrow we are going to get two things, Rise of the Guardians DVD (it has an Easter Bunny that kicks butt), and two boomerangs (Easter Bunny's weapon of choice in Rise of the Guardians).

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  1. Yay!! So glad to hear you got a replacement toy! Hope you, your dad and all your bunny brothers and sisters have a happy holiday weekend!