Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Santa came

Wooooohoooooooo!!!!!! Looky Santa came last night, and look what he left for us.
Daddy says that Santa heard about my teeth problems, and he talked to the Easter Bunny. This is what EB suggested "lots of hay", well, this isn't exactly what me and EB were referring to, but what does Santa know about bunnies.
I also got my Petsmart gift card yesterday, daddy told me that I can get toys, but I also have to get clothes too.
Me with my card, there's even a bunny on it.

My card in it's envelope
In about an hour me and daddy are leaving for grandma's house, and daddy says that when he talked to grandma last night, she said there was a present for me under their tree. Not only am I excited about that, me and daddy are going on the big train to get to grandma's, one of my favorite ways to travel.

We'll be posting pictures later from grandma's house, we have a new device that allows us to go on to the internet from anywhere. Which will allow us to give better updates when something like my vet appointment happens, because up until Saturday we only had daddy's cell phone to go on the net with. I'll explain more later, I want to go have a nap right now, and give myself a little bit of a bath before we go to grandma's.

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  1. Merry Christmas to a very deserving little bun!! Enjoy all your treats and travel safely!!