Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A fictional letter to Santa

This is a letter I made up from a bunny to Santa explaining what happened so he can stay on the nice list.

Dear Santa
The following are things that were NOT my fault.

-Tipping over the Christmas Tree. I was chasing the cat playing tag with the cat, but he cheated by climbing up the tree, so I tipped the tree over to chase him some more 'tag' him it.

-Chewing the power cord on the inflatable Santa Claus; I thought that it was a giant attacking my human, so in a bold move to save him, I chewed the power cord.

-Peeing on your cookies; I heard my young human say that those cookies must taste like the litter in my potty box.

-Chewing holes in the bottom of all the stockings; I kept hearing the oldest humans saying that the stockings weren't holey to keep with Christmas traditions.

-Chewing open the Christmas presents; I can't read, and I can't shake the presents so I wanted to see which ones were mine.

-Marinating the turkey in my pee; I heard my human dad comment that the baking pan looked like my litter box, and the stuffing as looking like the litter..... Well, I really needed to go, and was to far from my potty box.

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  1. Awww that's adorable. I love the fact that this "fictional bunny" plays tag with the cat. My bunny keeps accidentally terrifying my aunt's cats every time we visit by running over to say "hi." He never quite gets to introduce himself before the cats flee. I'm sure if they would only wait instead of running away they would all be the best of friends.