Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Addition to the LAV

Daddy added one more thing to the LAV-BT, one thing that any self respecting armored vehicle needs. A turret, with a big cannon, and a gunner to operate it.
The turret serves as a mount for the sound system speakers, and adds a crew member. I'll also have two more crew members joining me tomorrow, one will be my co-pilot, and the other will be my very own bagpiper. Can't be a respectable Scottish pirate without at least one bagpiper on the crew. I'd like to have a whole pipeband, but we only have three bunnies I get along with (all of them stuffies), and one set of bagpipes.
Tomorrow will be the only time the full crew will be together, Sunki Jr (my bagpiper), Bandit (co-pilot), both Build-A-Bear bunnies, and Benton (gunner), an imitation Build-A-Bear bunny. Oh, and of course daddy as the commanding officer of 5112 Pirate Squadron, General Casper. It's gonna be so cool.
There are two parties tomorrow, and both have prizes for best costume, and we are pretty sure we'll win one of them.

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  1. And every respectable pirate bunny needs the golden earring! Good luck with the costume contests!