Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Doors Open 2015 and an extra special event

Yesterday was the annual Doors Open Toronto, me and daddy went at it alone.
First stop was to the TTC Greenwood yard, which is celebrating it's 50th year of operation this year. Greenwood division is where they store and fix subway trains.
Hiding in the shade in the line to get in.
Riding subway trains, so boring I do that every day
The first thing we did was take a ride on one of the subway trains, we were supposed to go through a carwash for trains, but one of the trains they were going to use was broken down on the same track that the train wash was on. So we went around the yard, stopped then came back

The rest of the tour was far more intresting, the next location we went was to see a building called the "shops". But these weren't shops where you buy things, this is where they fix the subway trains.
Do you need spare doors for your subway car, this place has lots of them
More doors

Lots of wires to chew on in this place

See that machine up there, it makes the wheels on subway trains round again.

The Machinists area

Neato, electronics, wonder what it does?

More electronics, all I know is that it goes somewhere on a subway train, and does something to make said train work.

Now, these next two pictures are very interesting, without these devices a subway train is useless. Do you see the copper plates? Those are called "shoes", they make contact with the third rail and provide power to the train to make it move.

Testing equipment for the electronics

Those top three pictures is shows how drivers control the train, you see the black and white box, that's the throttle control.
This is one end of a coupler

This is the other end of the coupler

These are some of the "shoes" that provide power to different vehicles

These two pictures show how doors open and close.

More electronics

This is what those collector shoes do

This makes sure the cars are connected

This train is in to get repainted

This train is in for an overhaul
It's missing seats
And doors

This is the "truck" assembly

We went to another building called Mattemy Athletics Centre (what used to be called Maple Leaf Gardens). We were there a few years ago, but there was nothing going on in there at the time. This time they had a hockey game going on, between the Ryerson Rams and some other team.
 These guys are college level players, no where near being drafted to the AHL or NHL yet.

 One more stop on this very long day, this was a meet up with players from the game I told you about called Ingress. We had a very special visit from an Ingress van, I'm not sure what the reason was behind the van. What I do know is that I got to see mommy Louise again, and hangout with some of the other players for a while.
Can you spot me and daddy in this picture?
This is the resistance team, or blue or Smurfs.
This is a picture of both factions together, now can you spot me and daddy?
This weekend is another MMIMG (Massively Multiplayer Ingress Mobile Game).

Oh and one fun thing I want to mention. Daddy is working on getting my grandma to bring my older cousin to Fan Expo in September. We are working on getting him a Star Wars costume of his own, and we think it would be fun if me, daddy and Robbie were all dressed up when we go. I'll let everyone know how it goes after his birthday in July (which is when he gets his costume, it's gonna be his birthday present).


  1. Aww what a great adventure you had with daddy,thanks for telling us all about it,and yes I can see,xx Speedy

  2. No wire chewing, Sunki! That will hurt you.