Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, May 22, 2015

Daddy's birthday

I'm not all that happy with daddy at the moment, I didn't get to go with him when he and mommy Louise met up on his birthday. This is because It, aka The Pest aka Hopper had his birthday the same day, so he got to go instead. And here's the part that makes me mad, he stunk up MY stroller... again. And he got to see daddy's presents from mommy Louise before I did, and they were awesome presents too.
A Black series Boba Fett action figure
A Princess Leia comic book
And the little pest got a toy.
Daddy just told me that it was Hopper's 1st birthday, and so of course he got a toy to play with. Well, I suppose I should let him have a second of fun for his birthday.

Now, the next day I did get to go with daddy to a second party, this one was way more fun (and not just because I was there.) This party included both my grandma and grandpa, AND both of my cousins. Sure I've met my older cousin lots of times, but neither me or daddy have met the younger one.
This party was to celebrate not only daddy's birthday, but my grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary (daddy was born on their anniversary).
He's only 19 months old

His name is Arthur
Crayons are NOT in any of the food groups

The older cousin Robbie, he'll be 9 in July
 Daddy is planning to take Robbie and grandma to Fan Expo in September, daddy is planning a surprise present for his birthday. A Star Wars costume of his own to dress up in, then all three of us will be in costume at Fan Expo.

Daddy's first attempt at a group selfie, it didn't work all that well.
Oh, and because this was a special occasion event, I got dressed up in my finest too.
Can you tell I'm super excited?

See, dressed in my tartan vest and Star Wars bow tie.
Last week daddy got a new tech toy, he got a new (refurbished) laptop, it's way bigger then the little netbook he had. Daddy says he needs a forklift to transport it around it's so heavy. But he is super happy with it, and has already done the first upgrade to it, a newer larger hard drive. And thanks to mommy Louise he didn't screw up and copied all the stuff on to the new drive.

This weekend is the annual Doors Open, that's where some buildings open to the public so they can see inside. Because this year Toronto is hosting the Pan-am/Para Pan-am games (sort of like the Olympics), the theme for this years Doors Open is Sports, so there are some sport related buildings that we can go explore.

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