Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, March 19, 2015

35 hours to go

There is just 36 hours to go until ComiCON, daddy says that mommy Louise is definitely coming, which makes both of us happy.
Daddy has been working on his costume again, this time he added a new thing to it. See, daddy wanted something to show he is autistic and also supports the autistic community, but he didn't want to using anything from the evil Autism Speaks Empire. So with the help of our fellow autistic cosplayers of Facebook we came up with a new logo for daddy to wear on his costume. It blends in with the rest of it, so it's what they call an "Easter Egg", something that means something, but it is hidden so that only the most *loyal dedicated fan sees it.
*loyal dedicated fan = people with way to much free time on their hands
Anyway, a few examples of Easter Eggs in movies.
In one of the Star Trek films there is a Klingon with an eye patch, well they decided that instead of a strap holding it over his eye it should be bolted right to his head. Each of the screws has the Klingon symbol on the head, now they never do a closeup of this guys face, so only the crew knew about it.
Another one is sort of a cross movie Easter Egg. In several of the Indiana Jones movies R2-D2 and C-3P0 make appearances, not in droid form, but as hieroglyphics in temples etc. And in the Star Wars prequels in the council chamber there are several aliens who are the same species as ET.
In Superman Returns there is a scene with a model train set, it gets destroyed by a Kryptonian crystal that Lex Luthor stole. It's the way the set is destroyed that is the EG here, it is an homage to the first Superman when Lex sets off a nuclear bomb in the San Andres fault, and causes a massive earthquake. There is also another little salute to that first Superman. After Superman saves the NASA jet with Lois Lane on it, he says the same line that he used in the first movie, specifically "I hope this little incident hasn't put you off flying, statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel" And after he flies off we see Lois faint... Again, just like after he rescued her from the crashed helicopter in the first movie.
Where was I again? Oh yeah, the logo. It's an angular puzzle piece with a silver boarder, inside it has Mandalorian text and an infinity symbol. Now for what it all means. The puzzle piece is how autistic people can fit into society if given the chance. The Mando text, when translated is AU, which is what autistics use as a short form ie AUtistic. And finally the infinity symbol, it stands for how many forms autism can take from person to person.
A before and after of the weathering

An infographic of the meanings

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