Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, February 2, 2015

Best! Party! EVER!!!!!

So, yesterday morning I posted that I had finally found out what my surprise birthday party was, and that was going to Frost Con. Well I can report that I had an absolute blast, dare I say it was the BEST.BIRTHDAY.PARTY.EVER!!!!!!
I met so many great people, and lots of them were in some really great costumes (although both me and daddy had no clue as to who some of them were supposed to be, mostly the anime ones, I think we identified three series that we've seen or heard of.) Just before we left daddy got to talking to a guy dressed as Night Wing (it's Dick Greyson's alter-ego after he gives up on the Robin one), anyway, him and his girlfriend have two rescue bunnies from 10,000 Carrots Rabbit Rescue in Nova Scotia. So of course daddy and him talked for quite some time, we even got a picture with him, well daddy was in the picture, I wasn't. This just goes to show, NEVER, EVER trust bunny photography to non-bunny human photographers.
Daddy and Nightwing

Well, I shouldn't say never, there are some (mostly professionals) that take super bunny pictures. Case in point, the pictures me and daddy had done to commemorate my birthday party.
doesn't daddy's costume look awesome

me and daddy were the only Star Wars cosplayers there.

Just started, and I'm already starting to get bored

getting bored with picture taking

I'm done with pictures, I need my birthday cake now
The money for these pictures went to a charity, daddy thinks it might have been for breast cancer, there wasn't any signage for which charity. But I think it was breast cancer, the symbol for that is pink ribbons, and well waiting for our picture disk I saw a lot of those on the table.

Here I am today eating my birthday cake

I just LOVE my birthday cakes

nommie watermelon

I had a great birthday this year, from my party at FrostCon, to my own little party with just me and daddy today.

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