Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back online

We had a small technical issue the last couple of weeks, the netbook daddy had been using finally gave out. So we've been stuck using the tablet, that thing doesn't like me, for some reason I can't use the touch screen on it or daddy's phone. So I haven't been able to update anything until today.
Mommy Louise gave daddy a computer two weeks ago, but daddy wasn't able to get it working, that is until last Sunday when a nice organization helped us. See they figured out that there was a small problem, and all it needed was a bit of tinkering with the insides, that and a operating system upgrade. So daddy had been using XP on the netbook, now we are both on an extreme learning curve, because the new computer has Windows 7 on it. Daddy has sort of used it, my granties computer is running it, I haven't because I am not allowed to use her computer. Mommy Louise also helped out by buying a new keyboard and mouse, another thing we have to get used to, an actual full size keyboard. Next thing on the list is a proper monitor, because at the moment we are using the TV (which has connections for using it as a monitor), but that means we can either use the computer or watch TV not both at the same time. Which means it gets way to quiet in here, and daddy doesn't like it that quiet.
This is our computer setup now.
 Do you see the grey and black box to the left of the picture? That is the computer, below that is the DVD-RW drive. Under the monitor/TV is our DVD player. This is before we got the new keyboard and mouse, so those two things are different from this picture.

The netbook on the other hand, well, between mommy Louise, daddy and the organization they managed to get it operational again. It will never been the same computer, but all the data daddy had on it (all of our pictures) mommy Louise managed to salvage all of that.
For now the netbook has been set aside until daddy figures out what to do with it.

Okay, now I have to do a bit of a rant about online people. Last Tuesday grandma told daddy that there was a post on Reddit about us, so daddy went to see what had been posted. The picture was taken at least a year ago, on the subway. Now, everyone knows that daddy doesn't like having his picture taken unless he is in costume, and the same goes for me. So the fact that someone had taken this picture upset daddy, and in turn made me upset.
Reddit post is here.
Mommy Louise helped daddy sort through his emotions, and that allowed daddy to continue to go outside and do things.

It's been just a little chilly here, at one point the temperature was -40 with the windchill. It doesn't matter which scale you want to use, at those temperatures it's the same, REALLY FREAKIN COLD!!!!!! Try it out on a conversion program (or app), below -40 it's the same on both Imperial and Metric scales. So of course just my hoodie wouldn't keep me warm enough, so I needed an extra blanket and be covered completely.
daddy thought this was a cute picture of me

safely at home in the warmth, so daddy takes a picture.
I was nice and warm, so no need to worry about us.

Once we got home I needed a nap to recharge from expending so much energy keeping warm.
NOT falling asleep, nope not gonna hap.......

Darn it, daddy caught me napping.

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  1. it seems like everybody was being really nice about you and Daddy,and that is a good thing,and just remember you do have friends even in the blogging world including Speedy and My self.xx Rachel and Speedy