Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fan Expo 2014

On Saturday me and daddy went to Fan Expo 2014, however a bit of sad news, mommy Louise wasn't able to go with us. Daddy says that she is sick, and needed to stay home and get better.

When we got there we had to get our ticket, which meant a fun little trip into the underworld. Well okay the ticket booths were in an underground loading dock area, but it was still underground. The line was somewhat long, but we were paying in cash so the line we were in moved really fast.

Daddy worked overtime on Friday night to get my "costume" ready (my stroller was decorated), it took daddy until 2am to finish everything, but it turned out awesome.
This is my stroller, we call it a Tie Roller

Looking at the front.
 We added something to the Tie Roller after we got to FanEx, a pair of stickers on the wings.
This is the Imperial gear symbol sticker daddy got.
Daddy even went in costume too, he dressed up as a New Republic Special Forces Jedi.
Daddy's costume

closeup view of the two patches, the one on the right is a New Republic Jedi patch

Closeup view of the Jedi patch
The Jedi patch came on Thursday, but daddy had to go to the post office to pick it up on Friday. Because for some reason the mailman (daddy calls them postal delivery technicians) couldn't fit the envelope through the mail slot in our door, one of my uncles suggested it might have been a reverse Tardis, smaller on the inside.

The envelope was only 5 inches square and flat
Once we got inside we checked out the Medieval Times booth, and told them about meeting one of their Falconers at the Sportsman Show. Then we went to the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) booth, I guess they were trying for cos-player spies. Even Humane Society of Canada had a booth, their show motto was "be a superhero to the animals".

We met an author that we met back at Superfan ComiCON in May, she writes a series of books on Zombies. We got one of the books for mommy Louise, it's her present from the show. But because she reads this blog I can't say anything about it until we give it to her.

We helped with crowd control when the 501st was doing their group photo, daddy wore his new hat to look more official.
This is daddy's new favorite hat.
I got all sorts of neat stuff.
My new Lightsabers (they are actually chopsticks the light up)

My AT-AT stuffie

This is Ted, from the movie of the same name, when you press it's paw, it says lines from the movie
My Chewbacca stuffie, this one talks, well growls and barks
The three new buttons for my stroller.
Oh, and we did get to see some cool cosplayers. The following are some of my favorites.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was there.

A Wookiee

Another Wookiee

This one was being naughty.
 That Chewbacca was offering up "high-fives" which were nearly ten feet off the ground, when he got over near us daddy got to use one of his favorite lines from Star Wars. "Laugh it up, Fuzzball" which Han Solo says to Chewbacca.
Three of the characters from one of my favorite movies
 From left to right, is Astrid, Hiccup and Ester.
This is my favorite picture.
Daddy posted this to the 501st Facebook group, with the following caption. "The 501st Canadian Garrisons Easter Emperor captured two rebel scum X-Wing pilots singlehandedly, and converted them to the Dark Side."

In 7 months ComiCon comes to the Convention Centre, so mommy Louise should be able to go with us there. But before that is Bunfest (September 21st), and Halloween.

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