Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Super Happy News

Okay, I know I haven't been posting much, but daddy has been dealing with a very bad migraine.
We went to a remembrance ceremony for the start of World War 1 last Thursday, it was okay but there was one minor annoance, they put the flags of the provinces right in front of us, but it was still good.
There are five parts to this video, watching this part should lead to the other 4 parts.

We have even bigger news, Mommy Louise is right now over the province of Quebec and should be landing here just after 7:30pm our time. We weren't expecting her until Friday, so the fact she is returning to us two days early is even better.
We should be getting some pictures she took with my stand in, you remember the teddy bear I got her, daddy suggested she take pictures of it in various locations where she was.
This bear
 Speaking of mommy Louise, we got a postcard from her last week.
This should say Titchwell
We didn't have any idea what the plants are in this picture, my granty came to the rescue, it is the English Fuzzybur, it only grows in marshland in southern England.

The back of the card.
Daddy was trying to arrange it so that we could meet mommy Louise at the airport, and have grandma and grandpa drive us back to her place. Daddy wasn't really looking forward to the 2 hour transit ride out there, but I told him we'd get to see mommy Louise sooner.
We might get to see her this weekend, and I am going to be so happy, I've been wanting a mommy hug for so long. We will get to talk to her, she's going to call us tomorrow or Friday.

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  1. wow that went fast,I told you time would fly by,enjoy your cuddles with Mummy louise,xx Speedy