Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A date

Later today (Sunday), me and daddy are heading downtown to have dinner with mommy Louise. And well we have done that before, it's where we are having it that makes it special. We are going to mommy Louise's place, and she is cooking dinner for us.... Well cooking for daddy and her. I'm going to get a chance to get to know mommy Louise's two bunnies Sasha and Coco, but I will be in a spare cage and those two will be free ranging. As long as I have some food, water and treats in there with me, I'll get by.

We are also going to be watching some movies, like one of my all time favorites Brave, then one other movie.

In about 5 days me, daddy and mommy Louise are going to Fan Expo (a ComiCon), it'll be me and daddy's third time at a CON. Unlike the other two this one is HUGE, it takes up the whole convention center (every floor, in both buildings). Compared to ComiCon (the first one we went to), which was held in the same building, it was only on the lower level of one building.
This will be exciting for another reason too, they will be showing a sneak peek of the new Star Wars: Rebels cartoon series there. This new series takes place 5 years before the events of Episode 4: A New Hope (the first of the original trilogy), and tells how the rebellion against the Empire started. Speaking of Star Wars, I'm gonna get to see my loyal subjects (the 501st Storm Troopers), remember I am their Easter Emperor. Daddy is working on something for my stroller, so you'll just have to wait until Friday to see what it is, but I will say it'll be awesome.

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  1. oh Sunki,what fun times ahead can't wait to see your stroller,xx SPeedy