Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mommy has gone away

Yep, by daddy's calculations mommy Louise should be in England by now, which means we should be getting either an email or a phone call from her shortly. She took the bear I gave her in her carry on, so that she could take pictures of it in the plane. Daddy even found out what kind of plane she was flying in, it's a 747-400 Jumbo jet.
Like this one
This is what the seating might look like, we're not sure if it is.
Mommy Louise had to fly to Amsterdam first, then fly on a different plane to get to England. She flew on a Fokker 70.
This is a Fokker 70
At least we think this is the kind of plane she took. Anyway, daddy checked and both planes landed safely.

On to other things now, daddy took little Skyhopper out on his first big adventure yesterday. They went grocery shopping, daddy carried him all the way there and all the way back. Which meant they didn't use MY stroller, so I don't have to go and rechin everything again. Ooh, that's a good word, hang on a sec...... Okay I added rechin to the Bunny Dictionary. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Hopper as daddy calls him (I call him little pest), found a great place to ride. On daddy's combat vest there is a pouch for putting a canteen in, well, daddy found that it also fits his tablet, and small bunnies.
Hopper hiding in the pouch
Daddy's pouch has rabbit ears.
Daddy says that Hopper was a very good boy, and didn't get scared nearly as much as he thought he would. Daddy says that he is training Hopper to take my place when that day should come, he doesn't really like to think of things like that, but he knows that I won't be around forever. So I guess daddy having a substitute for when I'm not feeling well is okay, just so long as they DON'T use MY stroller when they go out.
See that cilantro there, Hopper ate all of it in one go.

Daddy gave him two more pieces of cilantro and he gobbled those up too.
 Yes, I think Hopper is going to grow up to be like me, very cuddly, smart, very brave, and super cute (although not nearly as soft as I am).

Daddy says that we might go with uncle Matthew over to our favorite beach on the weekend, which will be fun, I haven't seen uncle Matthew since Bunfest last year. Daddy says we need a boys day out at the beach, so as uncle Matthew puts it, we can ogle the babes (rolling my eyes). Daddy had better not "ogle" any babes, or I'll tattle on him to mommy Louise.

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  1. Hehehehe Sunki,Hopper is taking to these outings well,I had my first two this week they when quite well,I was a bit spooked at times but mummy was there to make me feel safe,xx Speedy