Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baseballs back!!!!

My all time favorite sport is back, and that means my favorite team is playing. So I'm into cheerleader mode for my Blue Jays.

Now, a little bit of a back story here. When I was a baby I was fascinated with baseball, there is a local sportscaster here that did a five part series on how to play the game. And I watched every single one, every time the that segment came on I was there on daddy's lap watching it, when it ended I was back off to play. I did that for the whole five parts, so daddy figures I was a baseball fan. I've grown into a super sports fan (especially the ones with Cheerleaders).

Yesterday we traveled all the way downtown to get a new flag for my stroller, so I've got three out of 7 sports team flags.
My new Blue Jays flag
I've also got two new stuffies to travel with, a baseball and a football.

We also got one of my favorite movies, Rise of the Guardians. I like it because it has a more badass version of the Easter Bunny, voiced by Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from the X-Men movies). This bunny is super cool, don't get me wrong, EB from Hop was cool in his own way, but Guardian EB kicks evils butt.
Our copy of Guardians.
Left to right in the back row is Jack Frost, North (Santa), and Easter Bunny (Bunny). Front is Sandy (Sandman), and the Tooth Fairy.

Daddy says that I'm his Guardian bunny, all I need now is a pair of boomerangs (and to learn how to use them).

Oh, and today is Tartan Day, where we celebrate more of the Scottish culture.

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