Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cool stuff happening soon

Daddy has been getting frustrated with talking to grandma over his cell phone, so he found some free stuff online that will make things lots better. We found a webcam, so tomorrow we have to go to grandma's place and set everything up.

And daddy entered a contest to try and win a pair of tickets to go see the Toronto Maple Leafs home opener tomorrow, we won't know if we've won them until tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for that.
This is my new stuffie, see we both have hoodies on.
Just under two weeks to go till my 5th birthday, I will be turning a whole 5 years old on Feb 2 (groundhog day). Daddy says he has a surprise for me, but I won't be getting it until my birthday. But he promised me that it would be fun.

I'm gaining back the weight I lost, daddy says that I'm becoming rather plump, but I'm not fat, I'm poofy.

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  1. Sunki, you are looking totally fab with your hoodie! Gotta keep those ears warm! Happy early birthday- sounds like you daddy has a real special treat in store.