Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, November 24, 2014

So happy

After a year I got to see mommy Louise...... Okay daddy says it wasn't a year, it was only a couple of months. It still felt like it was a year, I think the last time we say mommy Louise was back in September.
Yesterday, me, daddy and mommy Louise went to a thing called Mini-Maker Faire. Basically it's a show for inventors and tinkerers to see new things, and get ideas for new projects. As a for instance, a lot of the people displaying things had 3D printers. One of those printers was making a logo using Nuttella (the chocolate/hazelnut spread), but it can also do things using icing sugar. silicone etc., pretty neat right.

One of my troopers from the 501st was there, along with a few droids from the R2 builders. Actually, speaking of my trooper, he's in serious trouble with me. Me and daddy got our picture taken with the trooper, who had the gull to pet me on the head and call me cute. He must have been from one of the outer-rim territories, otherwise he would have known I was a powerful Sith Lord, and his Emperor.

This is just before the trooper patted me on the head, must have been a recruit.
 Daddy also got a bit of inside information from one of the droid builders, he's planning on building a Chopper Astromech starting soon, and it should be ready to make it's apperance at Fan Expo 2016. Chopper is the R2 from the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon.

They also had workshops there where you could learn to make things, one was how to solder (which I think is using a very hot thing to melt metal). There were one of two projects people could do, one was a robot, the other, which is what daddy picked to do, was a rocketship.

My rocketship lit up.
Three LEDs, and a battery.
To make it first you put the LEDs in and solder them, then you mount the support for the battery and solder that. And you get a light up rocketship.

I'm going to go back a month and talk more about Halloween. The picture I refered to in my last post about daddy taking a picture with a Jedi, well we found out that we actually know the person who took that picture. She's an assistant at the pharmacy daddy goes to. And daddy finally got her to send him the picture, so here it is.
I told you it was an awesome picture.
Now, daddy is never satisfied with his costume, and forever tweaking things to make it better. Case in point, the patches that daddy is wearing. He figured if he were a Mandalorian he should have that patch too, well it arrived last Thursday, and daddy modified it to fit with his costume.
The original patch

the patch with the new colors.
Daddy also modified his Jedi patch painting it in the new colors.
The orginal patch, notice the other thing above it, I'll be talking about that next.

The patch with the new colors.
Daddy decided he should have a rank badge, so he built himself one, it's that thing I mentioned earlier. Five disks makes him a general.
And two more pictures from Halloween, these are from the Toronto Zombie Walk.

 I told daddy that I felt left out and wanted my own cosplay costume, so he made me one. I now unveil my costume for future ComiCONs and Halloweens.
I told daddy it was a good start, but it was missing something.

Daddy agreed, and he added a hood to the cape.

NOW I look like a Sith Lord.
Me and daddy are going to get chance to wear our new costumes soon, in mid-December there is going to be a Mini-ComiCON, so we get to use them before ComiCON in March.

Oh, and mommy Louise is starting to get better, yesterday was the first time in awhile that she's felt well enough to go out on a date with us. When daddy told me Saturday night that we were going to see mommy Louise on Sunday, I did a huge binky and ran around his bed.