Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, March 10, 2014

Comicon 2014

Well, we had fun, even though we didn't get the autograph we were wanting. It was still fun, I got to meet lots of new people.

I even took over an entire Empire...... More on that later.

My favourite moment came as we were getting ready to head for home, as you know one of my favourite movies is Brave, well I got to meet Princess Merida.
I was a little star struck getting to meet Princess Merida
I got to meet some Ghostbusters, they were from the Ontario branch, daddy was thinking of entering to win one of the Proton packs that they use to catch ghosts, but he didn't know what he'd do with it if he did win it. The Ghostbusters were wearing black arm bands with the name of one of the original Ghostbusters Harold Ramis on it, he passed away a short time ago. All the stuff they were selling the money went to Harold's charity of choice, so daddy bought a new pin to go on my stroller, and with it I am now a member of the Ghostbusters of Ontario.
My new pin.
 I referred to taking over an Empire earlier, well this is what happened. The 501st Imperial Garrison (they dress up as Stormtroopers etc), were there, they had a spot where you could shoot at them (using nurf guns, because their armor doesn't stop any projectile hehehe). They also had a replica of Emperor Palpaitin's throne that you could sit in and get pictures taken.
getting a feel for the chair, I think I like this

I used the Force to command these Stormtroopers to protect me.... and get me treats
I didn't take over using just the Force, I pooped on the chair, so that makes it mine, and therefore the Empire that goes with it.
Daddy got a new patch for his jacket.
The good guys from Star Wars.
The cast of The Big Bang Theory poster daddy bought
One side of the bag
This is one side of the bag they had in a combo
This is the poster that came in the bag
This is the lanyard that came in the bag
 We are making plans to go to another ComiCON in May and one more in August this year, now that we know what to expect. It's going to be even more fun, daddy is planning on dressing us up for both events, and I can't wait.

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