Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, February 7, 2014

Toronto Sportsman Show part 2

Wow, what an awesome day we had yesterday, there was all kinds of things to see and do at the show. And I got to see some new animal friends when I was there.

Daddy got to try his hand at archery (shooting a bow and arrow), he discovered that he really needs more practice in order to be as accurate as he was in high school. See daddy used to be a member of the archery team, and had gotten really good, but that was several decades ago, he did hit the target once or twice out of the five arrows he got.

I got to see some new animals that most bunnies would dread seeing. Instead of telling you about it, I'll show you some of them.
I got to see a real live bald eagle

The white bird in the back ground is an owl, and I think the one in front is a hawk or a falcon.
See what I mean about being so close to those, they are birds of prey, and would eat bunnies like me. At the same place we saw these birds, daddy talked to a fellow Aspie (a person that has Aspergers), and he had one of the coolest jobs. He is a Falconer (a person that works with falcons), at Medieval Times here in Toronto, see what I mean about him having a very cool job. But he wasn't working with the birds that day, he was working over at the archery range.

I've showed pictures of my autograph hat before, well I added a new one to the hat yesterday, and this one is very special. Bobby Baun, a former Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman, and the only Leaf on my hat to actually hold the Stanley Cup, in 1962, '63, '64 and '67. And we even got our picture taken with him.
My new autograph, I've now got seven signatures on my hat.

The man himself Bobby Baun
 We also added three new pins to my stroller.
A War of 1812 pin

We replaced the Support Our Troops pin that we lost
The HMCS Haida is a Canadian Navy ship that used to be docked in Toronto, but is now in Hamilton.
Daddy took a few pictures of me too.
Getting a little sleepy

Do I have something in my teeth?

Nommy, left over birthday cake.
Daddy also got himself treats, Girl Guide cookies, which are  rather hard to comeby lately. My grandma used to be a Girl Guide leader, so every year daddy would use a bit of his allowence to buy a package, but since no one in our family is in Guiding anymore, those cookies are an even rarer treat.
We do have a few more pictures from yesterday, but we have to wait until we receive them in an email. But I'll edit this post to add them once we get those pictures.

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