Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, July 5, 2013

Grandmas new truck

A couple of weeks ago grandma's car got broken into and the bad guys broke things that make it drive. So the people that protect cars and stuff said that it would be to expensive to repair her car, instead they gave her the money to get a new car.

Daddy just corrected me, it's not a "car", it's an SUV. It's a vehicle that moves and goes places.
2004 Ford Escape
According to daddy Grandma's "SUV" is a 2004 Ford Escape, in dark green with 'sparkles'. I can't wait to be able to ride in it, daddy says my car seat should fit better in the new SUV then it did in the old car. My car seat is supposed to have headrests for the back and front seats, Grandma's old car only had headrests in the front, so it meant that daddy had to use dozens of bungee cords to hold it in place.
Daddy says that we may get to ride in it on Monday, and not to worry, daddy will take MILLIONS of pictures both of the truck and of me in it.

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  1. that's a super cushy ride!!!! Hope your grandma enjoys her new set of wheels